We encourage our members to play with their food

From fine dining to full bar, enjoy your meal at the restaurant or on the patio. Or, place your orders poolside from the comfort of your own lounge chair. 

Listed below are acceptable reasons for dining at Mixson Club.



1. Dinner tastes better eaten by a pool.

2. After-work cocktails brought to your lounge chair.

3. Makes any weeknight a mini vacation.

4. Packing for a day at the pool with the kids = grabbing goggles and sunscreen, not sandwich making. 

Let’s Cut to the Chase

Mixson offers the best in swim, social and dining. It is the hip swim and social club to relax, entertain, and unwind. Membership means you can plunge in whenever you like and find the level of leisure that meshes with your sensibilities. Invigorating lap swims to carefree lounging and poolside dining, the fun factor and social groove are unrivaled in Charleston. Partake in wine and craft beer tastings, yoga, and lawn sports, too.

Shoot us an email. We’ll get back to you.